The Art of Leveling Up

In the midst of pure chaos, we’ve seen it, and we know you’ve seen it too, A LOT of amazing women taking the opportunity to level up. And it looks so good, right? Like we all want to do that, but what the heck? How is that supposed to happen while there are literally HUNDREDS of reasons standing in your way? And honestly, right now, no one would really blame you if you let the reasons get in the way. You know, because the world is heavy and it’s still 2020.

But should you let these reasons get in the way? 


Think back to when the world wasn’t up in flames, and there were just normal everyday things getting in your way. You know...the things like: 

-The kids having meltdowns and making you late

-The junk food calling your name in the pantry

-A hectic work schedule

-Being exhausted for normal reasons

-The bed being so warm when the air is so cold


...that list literally could go for miles, you and I both know that.

The reality is that leveling up always looks good, but most of you won’t pull the trigger to do it because there is always some excuse in your back pocket on why you shouldn't have to, or for your own reasoning, cannot do it. Now, this isn’t me picking on you. Trust me, I’ve even done it myself. If anything, I’m calling myself out with you. But I will tell you the one thing that has been clear to me as an important part in the art of leveling up. 


You ready? It’s an ugly word.


Accountability..........Yep, I said it. 

Let’s use the “bed being so warm” thing as an example. When your alarm goes off and it’s oh so warm in your bed and the outside is cold, you and I both know you’re hitting the snooze button. Yep, you will hit that all morning long until you have a panic attack realizing what time it is and how late you are, right? 

Now imagine your best friend - yep, the most annoying morning person you know - imagine she is your new alarm clock. How fast are you out of that bed, right? Yep, there’s no snoozing her! 


Accountability is the same thing. But here’s the real deal with it. The art of leveling up is accountability FROM THE RIGHT PERSON. 


Your best friend in this scenario isn’t really going to be the best option, because you care so much about a person when you reach that status and you’ll most likely give slack. 


When you are being held accountable, you want it to be from someone who isn’t attached to the outcome, just attached to you bettering yourself. So if you do need to pivot, they can help you navigate what that looks like, but won’t let up on you because you’re presenting the same avoiding patterns as normal NOR push you harder towards something that isn’t working for you. 


These people who are holding you accountable are going places too. They’re constantly holding the carrot for you to hit the level they’ve just left. They’re growing just as much as you are. They’re your million dollar circle. They help raise the average of the people you’ve been hanging around. It seems like a stretch to work with someone like them. Like you might vomit a little- MIGHT not actually do it. 


It should scare you to start working with someone to level up. It should scare you because you’re realizing you’re about to do some work to level up. Because you should be leveling up. 


And it’s possible. Right here, Right now. And I might know a company *cough* *cough* to get you started. Lucky for you, our company is having a jump start to 2021 in a month. Make sure you get on the list (Subscribe below) to join us for an event to get you started. 


2020 is soon going to be over. There are people thriving in this chaos. And if you’re wanting that, we encourage you to start leaning into the art of Leveling Up.