It's Your Time!!

Holy cow, how’d we get to September so fast? I know this year hasn’t been the best and it has been wished away by a lot of us, but the last time I looked at the calendar it was April and now it’s what the heck? 

It feels pretty appropriate that our topic of the week for our Meant To Level Up group and our Level Up Letters is ALL about Time Management. Let’s be honest, September is probably the most pivotal month of the whole year. It’s when kids really get back into school and their year “starts”, and most of us entrepreneurs are thinking about what the next year brings. Some of us even mentally jump ahead at this point and start full on planning it out. And trust me when I say, that’s totally our jam too, but with everything that’s been going on this year, it’s definitely not the time to write off the rest of this least not yet. 

Dusty and I (yes, hi, it’s Chelsea) had some pretty big hairy audacious goals for 2020 that we’re not exactly ready to give up on or push them out into another year, so we’re doing a little 2020 reset party and inviting all of you!

There’s still so much time to < reimagine the rest of 2020 > and to plan accordingly so you can at least scratch one or two goals off your list and feel a little bit better about the year. And who doesn’t want a vision board re-do right about now anyway? Look, it has sucked, but it ain’t over yet! 

A lot of the basis of what will determine the rest of the year is really just looking at how you’re spending your time. Is it in alignment to what you want to accomplish? Are you planning it into your day and blocking time off specifically for that? Are you utilizing tools *cough-cough, planners * that will help you organize all of your goals, your time, and extra activities that all need to be addressed each day?

Some other things we feel are going to come up and hit all of us hard right now as we look into a new year and try to recoup the rest of a crappy one is mindset. In particular, are you hanging out in a fixed mindset just wishing the rest of the year away or are you going to switch to a growth mindset and look at what the windows that have opened for you to get what you want THIS YEAR? Are you constantly talking about how you’ve been defeated this year and how it’s not going to change, or are you embracing this as an opportunity to finally do what your passion is? 

And I mean, with all the heaviness of the world right now and still the unmeasurable amount of uncertainty, have you thought about how you’re going to keep yourself motivated? Are you planning ahead for the days that will be less than motivating? What tricks do you have up your sleeve to get you going? 

We’ll be addressing more on these different areas throughout the rest of the month so make sure you’re a part of the group and are receiving our Level Up Letters.

We want you to have everything you want in this life, and unfortunately, life also happens. So we want to support you so that you can shine and because you shine, you help others shine. One step at a time, guys. And if you need a buddy, we’re right here with you.