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The Next Chapter...

We want you to know is that we see you. We know that in a world of so many demands that you need a safe place to go that will help motivate you to get the things that are important to you done. We know what it’s like to have people not get where you’re coming from or where you’re going. We know you have potential and want for so much more, and we’re here to help you get it. And it doesn’t have to be so complicated. So, as intimidating as this all can be, we want you to know that it’s time to Simply Level Up.

We’d like to thank you for following us on our journey. The first item that will be released is the accountability component, which is a weekly 30 minute group call that has access to a community and worksheet prompts to help you through your month or quarter, however you decide to go about this. In Quarter 3 of 2020 we will be releasing our planner and continuing the adventure of the accountability calls.

Just so you know, we’ve beta tested this and here are some of the results we had:

One tester created the same results she had in her business in all of the previous year, in the first two months of this year.

Another tester came out of her shell and started vocalizing what she really wanted because she found this is a safe place to come to when she didn’t have much support in the past...and started accomplishing what she came to do.

Even another tester came with goals in mind, but her life pivoted as she had been working with a coach, but she found that the calls and the planner had kept her on track with what she needed to do.

Are you ready to Simply Level Up?